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I have created this web site simply not to be alone with my condition – a variant of Folliculitis Decalvans called Tufted Folliculitis. If you suffer from this disease you know what I am talking about, when doctors just shrug their shoulders not having a clue of what is going on with you and you felt hopeless. When you are reading these lines you already know that there is at least two of us with the same thing happening to us.

I believe together we can get this monkey of our backs, or shall I say scalps. :-)

Your ideas are always welcome and I will be glad to hear from you. So do not be shy and drop me a line.


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  1. Tyler Lazear

    I’ve got it as well. I’ve had it since 2006 or so. The paragraph under contact really hit home to me.

  2. Murray

    Had folliculitis on facial hair 3 years ago. Muprocin helped. It never really was cured and kept coming back again with tufted hairs this time. Trying Bactoban again. Got my eyebrows forehead and chin this time and mouth area.

  3. Carolyn

    I have had Tufted Hair Folliculitis for about 25 years. Alopecia really starting to kick in. I am over this and going to kick it hard with some intense natural treatments. I think the drugs just deal to the symptom not the cause. I have historically had quite a thick head of hair so covered up the thinning but that changing. I am so fearful people are going to start seeing the balding areas. Has anyone tried Apple Cider Vinegar externally and internally with a radical change in diet too?

  4. Rajaey

    hi .
    actually i do’t know what is my diagnosis is till now , cause i hate dermatologist and doctor in general.
    i have try 2 or 3 of them but any one give my different diagnosis and of course different management.
    itching, hair loss, leaking after days of small wart on my scalp.
    i use to take pain killer with antibiotics and some time i wash my hair with nizoral shampo with no benefit.
    till now i have more than 6-8 area of hair loss different in diameters 1-3 cm.
    One of doctors that i visit describe Roacutan but he state that this medicine is harmfull and may affect liver enzyme and lipid as will.

    as what you do tomas i use to search on the internet to solve this complains but i didn t get any answer for accurate cure .

    thanks for you effort .

  5. Anonymous


    I have had this condition since 2004. After battling this condition for 10 years, I strongly believe that the condition triggers when your lifestyle changes. For me it triggered when I left home and joined college in a different city. A few things had changed since then, too much of oily, junk food, less sleep, increased stress etc. When this condition first came up I took a combination of amoxicillin and cloaxacillin which cured the problem temporarily. However the problem with taking antibiotics for long periods was that, you kill all the good gut flora present in your body. A healthy gut ensures that necessary nutrients are absorbed from food, in the absence of which the body cannot assimilate nutrients and your immune system further weakens. I just realized this recently. Right now I am trying to rectify my lifestyle by eating healthy and taking probiotic drink (kefir) so that I can replenish my gut flora. I have trimmed down by facial and scalp hair for the ease of applying topical medicines like bactroban or fucidin to keep the infection at bay while my condition recovers. I have noticed that eating too much of sugars, sleeping late and stress aggravates the problem. I am planning to start Yoga as well. I am hopeful of this working. You should probably try to see what works best for you. Hope this was helpful. All the best!

  6. Claire

    Hi Tomas, just ran across your site here. For years I was struggling with folliculitis all over my scalp. I’ve tried all the same treatments proscribed by physicians. I noticed something really peculiar by accident that has totally worked for me. I recall going to a weekend retreat that was physically taxing, being sore the next day, taking Naproxen (Aleve) for it and seeing, literally, within the span of a day, significant reduction of follicular inflammation. I now take it daily and have not had the drastic recurrence since then. I wish you health and hope that something so simple would work for you to get the inflammation down. I also wash my hair once weekly with an ayurvedic hair oil that contains a bit of neem oil in it .


  7. Also Anonymous

    I too have this condition. I think I first noticed it in my 20s when I observed t
    that there was areas of my scalp where the hairs were much darker. In these areas I would have mutant, I wouldnt even call it dandruff, just abnormally large crusts.

    I am now in my 40s and it is back, only this time it is in the form of small black circular patches where the hairs grow together. My doctor didnt appear to know what it was but gave me Fucidin ointment which helps somewhat. It is so embarrassing when people ask me whats wrong with my scalp. Its good to know im not alone.

  8. Jake Ramsay

    I have been having the same issues for the past 6yrs. I have been to many dermatologists as well and not much changed. I took antibiotics for 8 months straight and it helped but the day I stoped the bumps returned. I am starting to lose more and more hair in the back of my head and would really like help. Has anything changed for you since this post??


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